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March 4, 2011
iPad2 is out on March 25th, and there seem to be lots of opinions whizzing around the twitter and blogs about whether it’s a good thing or not. 

To save you the bother of investigating further, the answer is YES, it is a good thing, NO I won’t be buying one.


What interests me is the view that the constant release cycle of Apple products is akin to some form of foppish catwalk inspired foolishness.
Whilst I don’t wear a polo neck, or revere Mr Jobs, I do like Apple kit. 
I like the way it just works, and lets me get on with work. 
I like the way I can spend entire days, or weeks without having to reboot, shout at a screen, lose work or get cross… strangely my family quite like this too.
I also like the way it is sustainable.
“WHAT!” you cry, “They are releasing stuff every 9 months, how can it possibly be sustainable?”
Well, whilst I haven’t bought an ipad, I have splashed out on a 6 year old G4 Powerbook, it cost be less than the train fare to Bristol, and is a source of peace and calm in my working life. 
I have a shiny new laptop provided by work, It’s light, has tremendous battery life, but requires me to enter passwords for many things, refuses me permission to run applications using the root directory, has some random frustration inducing virtualised file system… see my blood boiling as I just think about it.
I’m happier, really happier using my dented old Powerbook, and I’m very well serviced by the vast ecosystem for used apple kit, keeping it running, keeping people stress free.
Think about what 6 year old bits of kit you WANT to use?
Bet the list won’t be that long.

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