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#jiscel10 -Have a Go- Equality inclusion and e-learning

November 24, 2010

The Equality act is now in force, and the publication of the BS8878 Web accessibility- code of practice is at hand. It seemed a prudent time to engage with the work Techdis have been undertaking to help people review their current practice.

I’ve Had a Go at the exercise in the Techdis Online conference “exhibit”, and picked the “Learning Technologist” strand, as it aligned most closely with my current role.

One of the key benefits of this service is that you not only reflect individually but after entering your responses you can see an anonymised summary showing how other particpants answered the same questions. This gives you privacy to reflect on current accessibility practice without feeling waves of guilt or embarrassment. This makes the service MUCH more realistic, as you can answer Truthfully, rather than providing what you perceive to be the politically correct answer.

Whilst undertaking the survey was a bit disjointed for me, as my current role is removed from the real world of teaching and learning, there were some insights, and I’m going to work up a list of actions and improvements I can make. I’m going to have an Accessibility week on the blog from the 6th Dec, and will try and show how I’ve changed my behaviour then.





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